Mohit Batra

Executive Director,

Mohit has had a distinguished career in ICICI Bank. He joined the erstwhile ICICI Limited in 1992 where he looked at corporate and project finance across various manufacturing sectors. He moved to ICICI Bank Mumbai in 1997 to join the newly set up Infrastructure Industry Group. He started out in the high growth telecoms sector and took on additional responsibility of other infra sectors. His last assignment in ICICI Bank was as the Head of the entire Project Financing business where he worked across the entire capital structure i.e. Equity, Mezzanine and Senior debt in a range of industries spanning manufacturing and infrastructure sectors such as Power, Telecom, Roads, Ports, Mining, Railways, Education, Oil & Gas, Urban Infrastructure, Steel, Cement, Construction etc. In addition to this, he was also involved in Policy and regulatory formulation for the Govt. Mohit was also on the Deepak Parekh Committee for setting up the Infrastructure debt fund.